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   Many times, association CEO's do not have the time to do all that is expected of them.  Dealing with internal membership issues, lobbying, forging strategic alliances, and negotiating the issues involved in running an association can sometimes seem overwhelming.  CEO's face both internal and external pressures.

At other times, Boards and executive committees find themselves with an organization in transition or a CEO that has left without leaving a suitable replacement while a search is being performed.  What they need is an experienced and successful leader to take charge for the short term.  One who will not just keep the association afloat, but make it better and leave it in good shape for the new CEO.

As former CEO of the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), Paul Shanor ran an organization that the ACP-ASIM ( American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine), said "[has] amassed an impressive track record of successful activism that other medical groups around the country are trying to emulate." (March 2001 ACP-ASIM Observer)

Paul's experience in working with the multitude of issues involved in running an association is extensive.  For the Medical Association of Georgia, Paul led a formerly insignificant medical society to national prominence with national health policy impact.  He built MAG's significant legal efforts and was Chairman of The Litigation Center of the AMA and the State Medical Societies as well as a lobbyist who headed up one of the most successful medical association lobbying efforts in the country at both the national and state levels.  He is experienced in press relations, and managed a multi-faceted organization with a limited budget.  Because of his prior work as an administrator in Public Health and as a senior aide with the State Senate, he is very knowledgeable about the intricate inter-relationship of the public and private sectors in the field of policy.  He is a superb problem solver.  In sum, few people have worked with as many aspects of an association as has Paul.

Paul can help CEO's and staff improve operations, internal/external communications, governmental relations, and legal operations.  He can also help your Board of Directors understand the different roles of the Board and the staff, and how the two should work together to accomplish goals and  directives.  In addition, he has had experience in bringing different interest segments of the organization together to work as one unit.

There are also times when a CEO leaves and an association wants time to examine candidates before choosing a new one.  Paul can take over in such a situation and immediately provide the stability needed during such a transition.  Having served in that capacity, he understands the strengths and weaknesses of a person acting in a interim leadership position.  In addition, some associations need a person to come in for a period of time and "right the ship" during a period of difficulty.  Paul took over such a situation and was able to transform the organization into one of the nations' most influential.

Mr Paul Shanor has been a friend and an associate for many years.  As Executive Director of the Medical Association of Georgia he led the physicians of Georgia through many good and difficult times.  His dedication to his duties as Executive Director, his respect for the physicians and their patients gained him the respect from all of us that worked with him.  I had the opportunity to work with Mr Shanor as a Delegate to the Board of Directors, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, President elect, President and Past president, AMA Alternate Delegate and AMA Delegate.  Through all that time his dedication to the Medical Association of Georgia was absolute.  We had many opportunities to disagree, but we never did.  His leadership for the staff of the Medical Association of Georgia was excellent.

Bob Lanier, MD

Past President, Medical Association Georgia


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