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     Mediation is the process of two sides working with each other and a neutral third party to develop a solution that both sides can accept. It involves a third party helping them work toward an agreement.  Mediation may occur in a legal setting, as when there is a lawsuit filed by one of the parties against the other, or it may be used to resolve differences before a lawsuit.

Mediation is anchored by open and honest communication between the parties.  To achieve a successful resolution, the parties must have confidence in the information they receive, the confidentiality of their communications with the mediator, and the ability of both parties to negotiate in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  The mediator must create such an atmosphere.

The keys to a successful mediator are negotiation experience, exceptional listening skills, and an understanding of the legal and subject matter.  Healthcare mediation, in particular, requires an understanding of both business and quality care realities.  Paul Shanor has negotiated with the government and businesses for over 25 years in healthcare, representing governmental agencies, physicians and hospitals.  His respect is such that he is the only person to represent both the state hospital association and the state physician association. Paul has a firm understanding of the issues and the personalities involved in healthcare.  In addition, he is a lawyer who is trained in mediation and a former CEO who understands healthcare.

Paul is a member the American Health Lawyers ADR Panel, as well as, a member of the panel of Global Dispute Resolution, LLC

Ive had the pleasure of working with Paul Shanor for 14 years while he was Executive Director of the Medical Association of Georgia.  Among the talents Paul brings to any situation are keen analytical skills, scrupulous honesty, an approachable manner, and persistent good humor.  Paul combines a lawyer’s appreciation of fundamental principles with a politician’s understanding of practical realities.  As a result, he has the perspective necessary to build consensus among otherwise competing interests.  Paul would be a great asset to any organization where these characteristics are in demand.

Richard H Vincent, Esq

Partner, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

Atlanta, GA



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