Frank Houser, M.D.

Corporate Medical Director and Senior Vice President of Quality, HCA Inc., Nashville, TN

I have known Paul Shanor since 1977 when we both worked for the Public Health Division of the Georgia Department of Human Resources. Paul worked in the Office of Primary Care and did an outstanding job of allocating state resources to improve access to health care for Georgians.  He also served as the liaison to the General Assembly.  After working for the Georgia Senate, Paul left state government in 1987 to assume the role of Executive Director of the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG). Under Paulís leadership, MAG was transformed from a reactive doctorsí club to a proactive, responsive organization that was viewed in all quarters as representative of the stateís physicians. The organization, under Paulís direction, was particularly effective as the doctorsí voice in state government. Both the executive office and the General Assembly looked to MAG in general and to Paul specifically, for the position of Georgia doctors on all health-related issues before state government. In this role, Paul was particularly effective. I know this was the case because I was appointed by then Governor Zell Miller to be the stateís Public Health Director in 1991. This appointment would not have occurred without Paul Shanorís support. During the three years that I was in this role, Paul and I met frequently with the Governor, members of the General Assembly, and others to assure that state health programs had the support of both the public and private sectors, support critical to their success.