Pierre Howard

Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, 1991-1999 

Paul Shanor and I have been friends and associates for over twenty years. He came to work for me in 1983 when I chaired the Human Resources Committee of the State Senate and took a position as executive aide to the committee. In that position which he held until 1987, Paul guided my legislation through committees as well as through both houses of the legislature. He also worked with the members of the committee on issues of concern to them or on issues before the committee. Paul was in charge of preparing our committee for each committee meeting and committee hearing. During this time, Paul was immersed in the legislative process on a daily basis and became an expert in both the process of the Georgia legislature and the substance of the legislative issues we dealt with. The bulk of our work centered on health issues, and Paul became the authoritative voice. He was sought out by legislators for advice and his advice was relied upon. In 1987, Paul left his position with the state to accept a position as Executive Director of the Medical Association of Georgia. Paul and I worked together on health issues during his years at MAG until I left public service in 1999. While I was serving Georgia as Lieutenant Governor, Paul was a close confidant of my staff and mine and I depended on him for guidance on health issues that were so important to the state. I remember specifically seeking his advice about PeachCare, a health insurance program for children that has become a model for the nation. I do not feel that Paul has received the credit he deserves for the multitude of health-related laws that he has strongly influenced. That is due in part to the fact that he does not seek credit but is satisfied to simply make good things happen. One of Paulís great assets was the keen legal mind that he brought to his analysis of legislation. He worked with legislative counsel on the writing of hundreds of bills. I have personal knowledge that many of his suggestions about the legal aspects of bill drafting were heeded by the legislative counsel and incorporated in the final drafts of important bills that eventually became law. In his position at MAG, Paul brought the organization out of the shadows into national prominence. Under his leadership, MAG was recognized as a national leader among state medical organizations. MAG reached the pinnacle of its political influence under Paul, a pinnacle from which it has since receded. I count my days working with Paul Shanor as a blessing to my career. He is not only smart, but he has rock-solid integrity. I have never once known him to do anything in his professional or private life that was not a credit to him and his family to which he is very devoted.