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   Businesses and associations often have internal barriers to understanding the fundamentals of negotiating, particularly with the legislature or government.  Often they do not fully understand the interaction of politics, law and policy. Internal dissention can often make it difficult to forge a strong message and strategy that can be successful to government or other business entities.  Paul Shanor helps the client understand both the internal and external barriers and opportunities that exist, as well as, alternatives strategies.

Today, lobbying is not performed in smoke-filled back rooms.  It is done in a public forum, subject to disclosure and ethics requirements.  Knowing important leaders and having access to them is still extremely important, but researching and understanding the subject matter and being able to articulate it well is vital.  Paul has always prided himself on being well prepared, and being able to knowledgeably articulate both sides of an issue and explain why the client's position is the most reasonable.  In the long run, an honest and knowledgeable representation serves the client best.

Access to leaders is still important.  Paul has that access, having represented clients and worked in the legislature and government for over 25 years.

In any lobbying or negotiation, it is important to understand the importance of publicity.  Sometimes publicity may aid a strategy, while other times it makes access impossible. Paul works with the client to understand the issues involved, the likelihood of publicity, and what approach to take.  Paul is poised to lobby or negotiate in a very low-key manner or work with the press and others to make the issue public.

Finally, it is often necessary to form alliances.  They provide strength to a position, and allow for a greater flow of strategic information for the client.  Paul has been highly successful in forming these alliances over the years.

The ability to be successful representing a client ultimately lies in one's integrity, one's ability to work and listen to the client and others, and one's ability to seek and absorb knowledge about the client's issues.  Paul has excelled in these abilities for over a quarter of a century.

Paul Shanor and I have been friends and associates for over twenty years.  (When working for the Senate) Paul was immersed in the legislative process on a daily basis and became an expert in both the process of the Georgia legislature and the substance of the legislative issues we dealt with.  The bulk of our work centered on health issues, and Paul became the authoritative voice.  He was sought out by legislators for advice and his advice was relied upon.  I do not feel that Paul has received the credit he deserves for the multitude of health-related laws that he has strongly influenced.  That is due in part to the fact that he does not seek credit but is satisfied to simply make good things happen.  One of Paul's great assets was the keen legal mind that he brought to  his analysis of legislation.  He worked with legislative counsel on the writing of hundreds of bills.  I have personal knowledge that many of his suggestions about the legal aspects of bill drafting were heeded by the legislative counsel and incorporated in the final drafts of important bills that eventually became law.  In his position at MAG, Paul brought the organization out of the shadows into national prominence.

I count my days working with Paul Shanor as a blessings to my career.  He is not only smart, but he has rock-solid integrity.  I have never once known him to do anything in his professional or private life that was not a credit to him and his family to which he is very devoted.

Pierre Howard

Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, 1991- 1999




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